Thursday, 30 May 2019

#24 - Top of 2018

Seventh Wonder - Tiara (Frontiers)

Seventh Wonder were among the best prog metal hopes of the late 2000s, with their latest album "The Great Escape" receiving rave reviews from progsters and metal-heads alike.  Between then and now, the band's singer Tommy Karevik joined power/sympho metallers Kamelot, inescapably putting the future of Seventh Wonder in question. However, the band return last year after 9 years of silence with Tiara. Here, the band continues to  blend their brand of melodic prog sound with more AOR-friendly passages and power metal pinches, creating a worthy successor to "The Great Escape", which while not on equal footing, is still an excellent record for power/prog fans. Highlights of the album include "Dream Machines", "Exhale" and beautiful "Against the Grain". This record truly caught everyone by surprise showing that the band is still alive and kicking! Now all we can do is await their return to guide us to new power-prog adventures!


Below is the music video for "Tiara's Song"

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  1. I'm calling it here. I'm expecting to see Manticora's "To Kill to Live to Kill" making an appearance in this wonderful countdown. Fantastic work - keep it up. \m/